Prayer requests

Due to techie trouble, I am posting these later than I hoped.  Please pray anyway.  Thanks. 🙂

  • Please join us in thanking God for the two new members of the Management Committee, and also for the sterling work done by the Committee to date.  Please pray for his continued wisdom and direction in our decision making processes.
  • Please ask that the Lord will have his hand upon those who attend the allotment project.  Thank him for the love we have been able to show these vulnerable people and pray that he will continue to keep them safe through his power.
  • Also, please ask that the Lord will protect the work of organisations such as BTCV, Communities First, Keep Wales Tidy and Environment Wales.  They have been of great help to us, both practically and financially, and find themselves under threat of being affected by austerity measures made necessary by the current recession.
  • Praise God for the work of Victory Outreach, some of which runs parallel aspects of our ministry.  Ask the same blessings upon their staff and their young ladies and gents as you would seek for the work of Sustaining Life.
  • Finally, please thank the Lord for the structural work completed on the plot and for the harvest we have taken.  Pray for the remaining constructions and also for a harvest of souls to take place with the harvest of produce.

We appreciate your support and encouragement,.

God bless,

Jeff ‘ n’ Dith

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