Ebenezer – part the second

Winter 08 – The second plot was rented, adjacent to the initial one.  Chris and his group of volunteers started to help us  on a regular basis.  This was helpful for a number of reasons – people-power, the insurance and tools provided by Chris’ group plus the fact that I was able to make use of his expertise.  We identified 3 committee members at this point and I purchased the first ever seeds for sowing at the plot.  Jeff started to do some lay preaching, and the donations he was given for this formed the basis of my petty cash system which would soon be raided on a regular basis for necessities such as compost.  There was a cloud on the horizon, however, as it appeared that we may soon lose the help of Chris and his team.

Spring 08 – Sadly, we did lose Chris and co at this stage, along with the insurance they brought with them.  Work on the plot slowed considerably at this point, but  Jon was still helping.  He assisted me in the planting of the first crop – some early potatoes.  I also submitted my first ever plot-related grant application to cover basic equipment costs and the also in order to purchase our own insurance.  Things became fairly difficult, with weeds and other hindrances causing some frustration.